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While the SureServo drives can accept traditional commands from outside host
controls, the drives also have the ability to provide for their own internal motion
control. For example, up to eight index moves can be pre-defined and stored in
the drive and then selected and executed using discrete inputs.

The pre-defined index profiles can also be changed using the serial communication
protocol. The motion can be incremental or absolute (homing routines are available
in the drive) and acceleration can be linear or S-curve.

Multiple drives can be daisy-chained and addressed separately using the
RS-485/RS422 capability of the drive's serial port. This allows for very simple yet
powerful control of multi-axis processes that do not need precise path control but
only precise starting and stopping points. Applications include press feeds, auger
fillers, rotary tables, robots for pick and place, test or assembly operations,
oring, drilling, cutting, tapping, and similar applications using simple index moves
for single or multi-axis motion.


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