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Copperhill Technologies has incorporated all the AutomationDirect.Com SureServo brushless servo motors into their VisualSizer motor database. Users of SureServo motors can now use VisualSizer to select the optimum motor for their specific application.

With the help of VisualSizer-SureServo, a motion design engineer can set up mechanical systems that utilize components like leadscrews, timing belts, gearboxes, etc. and, of course, electrical motors and drives. The actual problem is the process of determining the right motor for your setup. This is where VisualSizer-SureServo provides great help. It will guide you effectively through what is usually a difficult and confusing process.

VisualSizer-SureServo calculates the torque, speed and inertia requirements according to the user's application specification, processes all SureServo motor data from a database and finally creates a list of all SureServo motors that match the requirements. VisualSizer-SureServo will point to the optimum motor, but also allows the user to make his own choice from the list.