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The new SureServo family of brushless servo systems from AutomationDirect is
fully digital and offers a rich set of features at dynamite prices. Choose from
eight standard permanent magnet servo motors that can be used in combination with one of three standard servo drives.

  • Eight standard systems from 100 W to 3 kW
  • Use with DirectLOGIC PLCs or any other host control
  • Drives feature on-board indexer and adaptive tuning modes
  • Free set-up software
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 2 year warranty

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The SureServo family is designed for flexibility and quick implementation.
SureServo drives accept a wide range of command sources:

  • Built-in motion controller w/preset position, velocity or torque
    Select presets with switch inputs and/or the multi-drop Modbus serial interface
  • Position commands with “pulse and direction” or “count up and down” format
  • Encoder follower
  • Analog voltage Velocity or Torque command

For configuration, tuning and diagnostics, use the drives’ integrated
keypad/display or take advantage of the free SureServo Pro™ PC-based
software. Tune the system easily with adaptive auto-tuning selections or a
manual mode.

Adapt to diverse applications with configurable I/O, including 8 digital inputs,
5 digital outputs, 2 analog monitors and a scalable encoder output.